Tattoo Coverage & Temporary Tattoo Options

For years and years I’ve wanted a tattoo, but I don’t want the commitment that comes with it. Tonight I started googling and learned that there are several options available to those who want temporarily realistic tattoos. The options include markers, inks, spray tattoos, special paper you print on (see Michaels Arts & Crafts stores for several of these options)!

Long story short, I stumbled upon a very interesting company called Temptu. They sell professional-grade makeup supplies including airbrush makeup and systems, and also temporary tattoo ink, and tattoo covering makeup. I can assume their clients include makeup artists for weddings, runway, movies and TV, and for special effects makeup. Since they are high-end everything is of course expensive. However, their Tattoo Coverage Kit is $55 for ten .25oz pieces and a finishing powder…doable if you’re in a bind to cover your tats. I’m not sure if you need to purchase the airbrush system to use it though. :/

For those wanting to create temporary tattoos, as I mentioned they sell a Body Art Kit so you can draw your own tats with a dedicated eyeliner brush or a very small paintbrush. They also sell Body Art Essentials  and Professional Tattoo Transfers (though I’m not crazy about the design options available. There’s only a couple good ones).

Here’s a Youtube video of how to paint your own tattoo with Temptu.

Here’s a Youtube video of how to apply one of Temptu’s Pro Tattoo Transfers.

If you’ve used any Temptu Products be sure to comment below and share your experiences and thoughts on them! I’m curious if anyone can attest to their coverage abilities on birthmarks.